Golf Insider [GI]
Professional golf statistics and analysis for the US PGA Tour, European PGA Tour plus additional data for the LPGA, Seniors and collegiate events [NCAA] in the US. With data supplied by an industry contact who has his own data-modelling software, this product will be delivered in email form by way of a weekly e-letter. For more details and to sign-up click here.
A specially requested data range which focuses on domestic English and Scottish football - Premiership, Championship and Leagues 1 & 2 - which has since been upgraded to a main resource. The output can be manipulated for a variey of uses and is being collated to form an ongoing database of fixture, player and performance data. NOTE - Membership to this subscription service is full.
This suite of products [coded RI, NMK & PPP] is a three-stranded educational horseracing subscription service which provides detailed analysis of performance trends in UK racing. A range of criteria are used to generate comprehensive data-sets based on speed, distance, weight, course and several other factors which allow for a number of ways the material can be interrogated. For more details and to sign-up click here.
Men’s and women’s tennis service, taking primary interest in the ATP and WTA tours, with development work being done to increase this to Challenger Tour level. The split nature of this service will allow analysis of both individual player performance as well as general event trends. This subscription service is currently under review.