This product range [coded RI, NMK & PPP] includes a three-stranded educational horseracing subscription service
providing detailed analysis of performance trends in UK racing.

A range of criteria are used to generate comprehensive data-sets based on speed, distance, weight, course and several
other factors which allow for a number of ways the material can be interrogated

This area is something that I have personal knowledge of, having spent many years working in various related positions.
And as result I've been able to locate the necessary "brains trust" to collate, analyse and re-display the information
to best effect.

RI (along with sub-sets NMK & PPP) offers the personal statistical assessments and predictions of two data experts,
who take into account previous racing form and the collation and analysis of speed ratings and modelling, which are then
shared with subscribers in order to boost their enjoyment of this sport.

The aim is to develop the product to include racing from outside the UK.

These will take in the main races on Continental Europe as well as selected tracks in the USA. Further updates will
be made on this project as/when significant prgress is made.

Subscription charges will vary, the starter service sat £25/month (+VAT).

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