Golf Insider [GolfCart]
Golf is a sport tailor-made for numerical and data-driven analysis.

And with tournaments played worldwide almost every week of the year, this service uses statistical information
covering a 10-year period to deliver accurate performance analysis and predictive tournament modelling. This
includes course data, historical performance records (HPR), weather patterns and player profiles.

Because every golfer is different...

Just as every tournament is unique...

That said, with the aid of research there are statistical patterns which can be collated, analysed and assessed.

So with reference to nothing but the numbers themselves, allied to various stats-driven models developed over time,
the study of golfers, and their performance, can be taken to a much higher level of understanding.

The graphic opposite gives a sample of the type of data used, and the sort of reports which are created. And the
application of this information is open to the end-user.

This is a subscription service, charged at £37/month (+VAT). Information is sent by email in newsletter format during
the US PGA Tour and European PGA Tour seasons.

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